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Birth-Ease Natural Birth & Fitness Ball With Pump- From £17.99

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Superior birthing ball quality

The Birth-ease Ball is manufactured in Italy by Birthing Ball specialists
It's anti-burst construction means that should the ball get punctured whilst you are sitting on it, it will deflate gradually to prevent you and your baby from injury. 

The Birth-ease Birth Ball is a premium quality birthing ball, latex-free, tested to the strictest standards up to 300kgs in weight and its non-slip surface gives extra stability and adherence to the floor. Each ball is supplied with one plug. 

Photographic Instructions for Pregnancy & Labour

Detailed guide shows you how to use your Birthing Ball: 

Use your Birth Ball in Pregnancy:

  • for relief from back pain and pregnancy discomfort
  • for optimal foetal positioning, getting your baby into the best position for birth
  • for prenatal exercises to keep fit during pregnancy and build strength for labour. These include squats, stretches and leg bends
  • for pelvic floor exercises

Use your Birth Ball in Labour:

  • help to cope with contractions
  • for relaxation in labour
  • for progressing labour and dilation of the neck of the uterus
  • to support mobile, active birth positions

Size Matters! Select 65cm or 75cm

A birthing ball needs to be bigger and firmer than a standard gym ball that you would use just to exercise with. When sitting on the ball, with your feet flat on the floor, your hips should be raised approx 10cm above your knees. This raised sitting position brings the weight of the baby forward, giving relief from back pain and general discomfort felt in pregnancy. This position also keeps the pelvis open and pressure off your lower back during labour and contractions.

Select the correct size for your height:
65cm: Up to 5'8              (Up to 173cm) 
75cm: 5'8 and over     (173cm & over)

We do not stock a 55cm ball, if you are under 5'4, we recommend you inflate the 65cm birth ball to a 60cm diameter. 

Soft Lilac Colour

At Birth-ease, we want you to love your birth ball so have selected an exclusive soft, subtle, lilac shade. 
We never substitute with other colours.