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Our Child Car Seat Policy

We sell a wide range of child car safety seats and specialise in Extended Rear Facing car seats for children up to 25kg and offer expert, impartial advice and a free fitting service.     We are IOSH approved and have recently update our Axkid Training Certificate having been selling car seats for over 24 years and trained by Maxi Cosi, Besafe, Nuna/Joie, Kiddy, Britax excellence centre and Recaro over the years

Our customer base covers the whole of the south of England from London to Kent and to the West Country.

Unlike other retailers we carry a wide range of extended rear facing seats to carry your child safely rear facing as long as possible.

We do not sell seats on line but offer an unrivalled in-store service to provide you with the best seat for your child and vehicle.

Please visit our showroom in central Petersfield - we have our own parking area adjacent to the the central Waitrose car park where we can demonstrate our seats in your vehicle. our staff are always on hand to provide this service for you.

They all have extensive knowledge of child car safety seats and will spend as long as is required with you to ensure that you purchase the seat that is right for you, your child and your vehicle.

In the comfort of our showroom you can see which seat suits your child and when you have made your choice we will prepare the seat for your child and then carefully fit it into your vehicle and explain to you the correct fitting procedure and how to make adjustments as your child grows.

We keep a sales record of every child car seat that we sell which ensures that we have carried out all the required fitting checks and in the unlikely event of there being a safety issue with any seat we are able to contact our customers

After your purchase we are always available should you have any queries regarding the use or maintenance of your seat both within the guarantee period and beyond.

On 08/10/15 BBC Watchdog had the opportunity to expose the failings of major high street retailers in fitting child car seats.

As ever with the BBC the program was very lightweight and completely missed the the issue of extended rear facing seats.

Detailed below are the findings of a Which Magazine Spring 2014 undercover survey of major UK child car seat retailers


Child car seats 
How Which? makes child car seats safer

Shocking car seat investigation results

Our research  The importance of fitting a car seat correctly cannot be underestimated when it comes to keeping your child safe. Which? has gone undercover to see whether shops that offer a free car seat fitting service are actually installing car seats safely and securely.

In spring 2014, our car seat fitting experts travelled nearly 2,000 miles, visiting 42 major stores to check the service on offer. We asked each store to fit two child car seats and uncovered serious failings: worryingly, only four stores out of 42 managed to fit both car seats correctly.

In our undercover investigation, we found: 

We’ve shared detailed findings with each of the retailers and have urged them to improve, but for now we’re advising all parents and grandparents to check their seats carefully themselves and make sure they are fully clued up before going to buy a new seat. You can do this using our free 10 car seat fitting checks guide - download it today and check that your car seat is installed correctly so that it keeps your little one as safe as possible in the event of a crash.

Worst car seat fittings


You can buy the best car seat in the world, but if it’s not fitted properly it won't be effective in a crash and could put your child in serious danger.

The worst stores we found for fitting child car seats were Mamas & Papas, Babies R Us and Kiddicare. These shops had high error rates and gave some of the worst fittings of the investigation. However, all the retailers we visited during this investigation need to improve: even John Lewis, the highest-performing major retailer in our investigation, only got the fittings right four times out of 12.

In the most shocking fittings our experts saw:

Many assistants also dished out bad advice - including saying the support leg on a car seat base did not need to be touching the floor, which is completely untrue.


How the retailers did


Mamas & Papas

One safe fitting out of 12

The results from Mamas & Papas are very worrying, especially as the retailer vowed to improve its fitting service following our previous investigations in this area. There was a catalogue of major errors in nearly every store we visited. Our experts gave it the highest error rate of all the stores, and Mamas & Papas' shop assistants gave bad advice on several occasions. 

Some of the major mistakes included fitting a seat without spotting the support leg still tucked underneath (making it very unstable), incorrectly suggesting that the support leg did not need to be touching the floor, failing to extend the support leg at all, and not being able to use the Isofix system confidently.

What Mamas & Papas says:

'At Mamas & Papas the safety of children is of paramount importance and we are extremely committed to car seat safety. Since the report in 2011 we have worked incredibly hard to educate store colleagues and the general public about car seat safety using the Which? Charter*. The recent customer feedback we have received has been positive so we are disappointed at the results found by Which? following their visit to six stores back in April.

'The results of this investigation highlight inconsistencies in advice that is provided to retailers by a number of different bodies. As such we believe there is an opportunity for retailers, car seat brands, the government and Which? to collaborate together so we all provide consistent advice and together we ensure that children travel in the safest way.'


Two safe fittings out of 12

Halfords came top in our 2013 online retailer investigation into web-based car seat advice, but its in-store offering falls short. When we visited branches in person, Halfords managed just two successful fittings. Assistants did ask about age and weight, and mentioned keeping babies rear-facing for longer, but all of the belted car seats were fitted incorrectly.

Halfords' annual report states that it has 'let other pressures and processes get in the way of service’ - and we agree.

What Halfords says:

'We’re disappointed with the results of tests taken in April in just six of our stores. We have in excess of 460 stores and have invested in a programme of robust internal training and annual refresher courses for colleagues.

'We would like to point out that ROSPA [the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents] has accredited our fitting courses and we are confident that we have substantially improved our customer experience. We also recently conducted thousands of free child seat safety checks in stores across the country during Child Safety Week.'


Three safe fittings out of 12

Only three seats were fitted correctly at Mothercare. Stores were inconsistent in asking pre-sales questions, including asking about the age or weight of the child - an important factor in determining whether the child is being moved to the next seat too soon.

One store used a checklist effectively, but others failed to ask any questions at all. Although staff appeared fairly well trained, the errors made on the actual car seat fittings, such as missing the car's underfloor storage compartment and the belt routing, let the fitters down. 

What Mothercare says:

'Mothercare is committed to offering an exemplary car seat fitting service to all our customers. Over the last year we have invested significantly in training and have worked even more closely with our suppliers to provide enhanced specialist advice for customers and colleagues.

'We recognise there is more to do in certain areas and will ensure that we continue to invest in our people and offer the very best and most accurate car seat service.'

John Lewis

Four safe fittings out of 12

John Lewis fared the best out of the major retailers, but there is still plenty of room for improvement as only a third of the seats were correctly fitted. Staff appeared fairly well trained and generally asked the right questions, as well as mentioning the importance of keeping the baby in the infant carrier for as long as possible, but other advice was less reliable. 

We also found that staff made it hard to get a car seat fitted. Despite John Lewis's website saying that you don't need to book an appointment in advance, our mystery shoppers were often left waiting around.

'Our nursery assortment is a core part of our offer and we are disappointed with the results of the report. We will be taking immediate action to communicate these findings to our teams and identify the changes we need to make as a result of the findings.What John Lewis says:

'Car seat fitting is already mandatory training for all Partners who sell them and is repeated on a yearly basis. However, we have recently refreshed our development programme to give Partners the greater knowledge and experience they need to ensure the right advice is given to customers, and to emphasise the responsibility we have to give accurate advice. We will look again at our programme to ensure that the points raised by Which? are reflected in our Partner training.'

Independent retailers

Seven safe fittings out of 12

Compared with the major retailers, independent stores did fairly well. They are by no means perfect, but did achieve the most successful car seat fittings. 

All stores either asked the weight or the age of the child, which helps determine the correct point at which to move a child into the next seat. Most explained the benefits of keeping your child reward-facing for longer, as well as the pros and cons of this, but some of the advice wasn’t as comprehensive as we’d expect. 

A few stores failed to spot the underfloor storage in our car, a common mistake during this investigation, and a few made mistakes such as missing the belt routing.

*The Which? Charter was a 10-point best practice charter that five major car seat retailers, including Babies R Us, signed up to following our previous child car seat fitting investigation.