Jané & Noordi

The First Jané Pushchair Was Created In 1932

The son of Ramón Jané Caúm; Manel Jané Vidal, changed the direction of the business when his son was born. "If you’re such a good locksmith, if you’ve got so many ideas for other people, prove you’ve got them for your son as well". Encouraged by his father, Manel Jané accepted the challenge and, a few days later, little Ramón went out on wheels, in a buggy that Manel Jané was very proud of. The admiration it caused among neighbours and friends inspired him to make a couple of folding pushchairs and present them in department stores in Barcelona. A week later he got his first orders. Jané began to make folding pushchairs for children. That’s how our story began with the firm commitment to do everything as well as possible, as if it were for our own babies..