• Jané iMatrix + iPlatform
  • Jané iMatrix + iPlatform
  • Jané iMatrix + iPlatform
  • Jané iMatrix + iPlatform
  • Jané iMatrix + iPlatform

Jané iMatrix + iPlatform


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  • iSize infant car seat with iPlatform base included.
  • iSize from 40 to 83cm, 0-13 Kg, birth to 15 months approx.
  • Installs with the i-Size Isofix base in the car.
  • iSize (R129) Approved.

The new iMATRIX from Jané is the new i-Size version of the popular Matrix. It is designed to protect your baby in the car and is suitable for use by children with a height of between 40 and 83 cm which is from birth to 15 months approx.

It is now even lighter than previous Matrix versions, reducing it previous weight of 6 kg down to just 4.6 kg, that's more than 20% lighter! 

iMATRIX has been designed to be installed in the car together with the iPLATFORM from Jané. Always in the rear facing position, this base uses ultra-quick connectors with Pro-fix locking. Anchored to the car with isofix and a front anti-rotation leg for complete safety and reliability. This is the safest installation system, as it prevents any installation errors that could affect safety..

The iMATRIX's unique adjustable headrest feature means that your baby's head is in a better position when sitting up and especially when he is over 70 cm tall. This increases the interior space of the baby carrier.

Jané iMatrix iSize


The iMatrix is fitted with the “Pro-Fix” system, which means that with just one movement, it can be fitted onto your Jané chassis to make a travel system.
When used on the pram chassis or separately as a carrycot it can be fully reclined to be used in the healthier 180° Lie-Flat position which is recommended by health officials. It can also be used for overnight sleeping when used with a mattress.
When in the car the Pro-fix locking allows for ultra-quick installation in the car in the sitting-up position.

iMatrix iSize as a lie-flat carrycot


Newborn babies should ideally lie completely flat, as recommended by health officials. This position unlike conventional infant car seats doesn’t have any time restrictions a newborn can travel in it. It also facilitates newborn respiration, nurtures the abdomen and aids optimal spinal development. The Jané iMatrix iSize innovative design recognises these important requirements and allows baby to travel in the lie-flat position on the pram chassis or as a carrycot.  In the car, the iMATRIX has been designed to be installed together with the Isofix iPLATFORM base and always in the rear facing, sitting-up position.