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Jane Parasol


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Anti UV50 ​Sun Parasol

This isn’t just any parasol, it’s a sunshade that is made of materials especially designed to offer unique protection against ultraviolet rays, both UVB and UVA.

  • It has a protection factor of 50 , the highest factor that material can reach.
  • UPF 50.
  • Large size; 70 cm diameter.
  • Universal flexi clamp with ratchet and rubber strap insert to accommodate different thicknesses of chassis.
  • Includes an extension.
  • Simple quick release button mechanism to remove the parasol and leave the clamp installed.
  • Button to adjust the stork and also bendable both at the base and top for maximum adaptability to cover you baby.
  • Fibre glass spokes.
  • Hidden finishes (spoke ends) for greater safety.
  • Flexion points.
  • Hard-wearing, easy to clean.

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