Lamaze Freddie's Activity Bus



Key Features

  • Freddie's Activity Bus features soft texture, colourful patterns, flaps, discovery mirror and much more. With so much to touch, feel and discover your baby won't ever be bored again!
  • Among all the features, this baby toy comes with surprise crinkles for auditory stimulation, textures for tactile stimulation, colourful patterns and discovery mirror for visual stimulation and many more!
  • Featuring a zip at the front and laces at the back of the bus, this bus toy is designed to help your growing baby learn to snap, zip, button and tie in their early days - perfect to play at home or outdoors.

Getting ready for preschool or day care is easy with Lamaze’s Freddie’s Activity Bus. Help your growing baby learn to snap, zip, button and tie with Freddie and his colourful bus. The bus has a button top, snappy wheels, and a hidden friend who peeks out from under the zipper. Freddie’s bus also features surprise crinkles and textures for baby to explore and a flap for fun with a hidden mirror. All these features are an excellent support for your kid's hand to eye co-ordination development and sensory stimulation, as well as imaginative play.